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Welcome to the “Quick Memory Tune-up” course designed exclusively for university students in Lebanon. In the fast-paced academic environment, the ability to efficiently retain and recall information is paramount to success. This one-hour course is meticulously crafted to provide students with practical and effective memory enhancement techniques. By delving into neuroscientific principles underlying memory function, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms at play. The course aims to equip students with a diverse set of tools and strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into their study routines, fostering improved short-term and long-term memory capabilities. As we navigate through this memory training journey, our goal is not only to enhance academic performance but also to empower students with valuable skills that transcend the classroom, contributing to their overall cognitive development and success in various aspects of their lives. Join us in this transformative experience as we embark on a journey to optimize memory and unleash academic potential.


1. Equip university students in Lebanon with effective memory enhancement techniques through a concise “Quick Memory Tune-up” course lasting one hour.
2. Foster improved memory retention skills among participants, enabling them to efficiently absorb and recall academic information crucial for their studies.
3. Provide practical tools and strategies to enhance short-term and long-term memory, empowering students to optimize their learning potential in various academic disciplines.
4. Introduce neuroscientific principles underlying memory function, giving students a foundational understanding of how memory works and how to leverage this knowledge for academic success.
5. Enhance time management skills by incorporating memory training techniques that allow students to streamline their study sessions and increase overall productivity.
6. Evaluate the course’s impact on participants by measuring improvements in memory recall, concentration, and study efficiency, and gather feedback to continuously refine and enhance the memory training curriculum.

In conclusion, the “Quick Memory Tune-up” course has endeavored to equip university students in Lebanon with invaluable tools to enhance their memory retention capabilities. Through a succinct one-hour exploration of neuroscientific principles and practical strategies, participants have gained insights into the intricacies of memory function and acquired techniques to optimize their learning potential. As our journey together concludes, we encourage students to integrate these newfound skills into their daily study routines, recognizing the potential impact on academic performance and overall cognitive development. By continuously refining and applying these memory enhancement techniques, students are poised to not only excel in their studies but also to navigate the challenges of a dynamic academic landscape with confidence and efficiency. We trust that the knowledge gained in this course will serve as a lasting foundation for continued growth and success throughout their university journey and beyond.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates,  9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: $289.35
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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