Our Memory Training Courses is available in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, Winterthur, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Lugano, Biel/Bienne, Thun, Köniz, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Schaffhausen, Fribourg, Vernier, Chur, Neuchâtel, Uster, Sion, Emmen, Zug, Yverdon-les-Bains, Dübendorf, Dietikon, Montreux, Frauenfeld, Kreuzlingen, Rapperswil-Jona, Carouge, Interlaken, Zermatt, Grindelwald, Davos, Engelberg, Locarno, Vevey, Wengen, St. Moritz, Lauterbrunnen, Gstaad, Appenzell, Andermatt, Bellinzona.

Welcome students in Switzerland to our “Student Memory Power” workshop, designed specifically to empower you with effective memory enhancement techniques tailored to your academic needs. As you navigate through your educational journey, having strong memory skills is essential for retaining and recalling important information for exams and assignments. In this one-hour session, we will delve into practical exercises, mnemonic devices, and valuable strategies to help you boost your memory power. From organizing study schedules to understanding the psychology behind memory, we’re here to equip you with the tools you need to excel academically. Let’s embark on this journey together to unlock the full potential of your memory and achieve academic success with confidence.


  1. Introduce effective memory enhancement techniques tailored specifically for students, focusing on strategies to improve retention and recall of academic material.

  2. Provide practical exercises and mnemonic devices designed to help students better remember information for exams, quizzes, and assignments.

  3. Offer tips and strategies for managing study time effectively, including techniques for organizing notes and creating study schedules that optimize memory retention.

  4. Discuss the importance of sleep, nutrition, and stress management in supporting optimal cognitive function and memory performance for students.

  5. Explore the psychology of learning and memory, empowering students with a deeper understanding of how memory works and how to leverage this knowledge to enhance academic success.

  6. Foster a collaborative learning environment where students can share their own memory tips and techniques, fostering peer support and the exchange of ideas for improving memory power.

As we wrap up our “Student Memory Power” workshop, we hope you’ve found the insights and techniques shared valuable for enhancing your memory skills. Remember, implementing these strategies consistently can significantly improve your academic performance and overall learning experience. We encourage you to practice the memory enhancement techniques discussed today and incorporate them into your study routines. Thank you for joining us, and we wish you continued success in your academic endeavors as you harness the power of your memory.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates,  9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: $289.35
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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