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Welcome to the “Full-Day Memory Vitality” workshop, a comprehensive and immersive training program meticulously crafted to support the cognitive health and well-being of senior citizens in Taiwan. In this full-day session, we embark on a journey to explore a wide range of memory enhancement techniques tailored specifically to the unique cognitive needs and abilities of older adults. As we age, maintaining sharp memory skills becomes increasingly important for daily tasks, social interactions, and overall quality of life. Through this workshop, we aim to empower you with valuable tools and strategies to optimize your memory performance, foster cognitive vitality, and enhance your overall well-being. Get ready to engage in enriching activities, learn practical memory techniques, and embark on a journey toward improved memory function and cognitive wellness.


1. Introduce senior citizens to a comprehensive set of memory enhancement techniques tailored to their specific cognitive needs and abilities.
2. Enhance seniors’ ability to recall important personal information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers with accuracy and efficiency.
3. Provide strategies to improve memory retention for daily tasks, appointments, and routines, enabling seniors to maintain independence in their daily lives.
4. Teach relaxation techniques and stress-management strategies to support optimal memory performance and overall well-being.
5. Foster social interaction and engagement through memory games, group activities, and collaborative exercises.
6. Offer guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise, and sleep, to promote overall brain health and memory function.
7. Empower seniors to take an active role in preserving and enhancing their cognitive abilities through regular memory-boosting practices.
8. Provide opportunities for hands-on practice and application of memory techniques through interactive exercises and simulations.
9. Improve seniors’ ability to recall historical events, personal experiences, and cherished memories to foster a sense of identity and connection.
10. Foster a sense of accomplishment and confidence by showcasing measurable improvements in memory function throughout the day.
11. Provide resources and support for seniors to continue practicing memory techniques independently beyond the workshop, empowering them to maintain cognitive vitality in the long term.
12. Empower seniors to become advocates for memory wellness within their communities, sharing their newfound knowledge and skills to inspire others to prioritize cognitive health and well-being.

As we conclude the “Full-Day Memory Vitality” workshop, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to each participant for their active participation and dedication to enhancing their cognitive health and well-being. Throughout this immersive day-long session, we’ve explored a wealth of memory enhancement techniques tailored specifically to the needs of senior citizens. Remember, the strategies and techniques you’ve learned here today are valuable assets that can significantly impact your memory function and overall quality of life. I encourage you to continue practicing and applying these memory techniques in your daily routines, knowing that they will support your cognitive vitality and well-being in the long term. Thank you for your engagement, and I wish you continued success as you prioritize your cognitive health and embark on your journey toward memory vitality.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: USD$511.94
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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