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Welcome to the “Half-Day Memory Boost” course, specifically designed to provide comprehensive memory training tailored to the unique needs of senior citizens in Sweden. In this half-day program, we embark on a journey to enhance memory retention, cognitive flexibility, and overall brain health among our esteemed participants. Through a blend of evidence-based techniques, collaborative learning experiences, and practical memory tools, we aim to empower senior citizens with the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain and improve their memory function in daily life. With a focus on fostering a supportive learning environment and promoting lifelong cognitive growth, we invite our participants to embark on this enriching adventure towards enhanced memory and mental wellbeing.


  1. Enhance Memory Retention: Implement evidence-based memory training techniques tailored to the needs of senior citizens in Sweden, aiming to enhance memory retention and recall abilities during the “Half-Day Memory Boost” course.

  2. Improve Cognitive Flexibility: Introduce exercises and activities designed to improve cognitive flexibility and adaptability, enabling participants to better navigate various memory challenges and cognitive tasks encountered in daily life.

  3. Foster Collaboration and Peer Learning: Facilitate collaborative learning environments where senior citizens can share their experiences, exchange memory improvement strategies, and support each other’s cognitive development throughout the “Half-Day Memory Boost” sessions.

  4. Incorporate Multisensory Learning: Utilize multisensory approaches, including visual aids, auditory cues, and tactile stimulation, to enhance memory encoding and retrieval processes, catering to diverse learning styles and preferences among senior participants.

  5. Promote Brain Health Awareness: Educate participants about the importance of maintaining brain health through lifestyle choices such as nutrition, physical activity, and cognitive stimulation, instilling a proactive approach to memory maintenance and overall cognitive wellbeing.

  6. Provide Practical Memory Tools: Equip senior citizens with practical memory tools and techniques that can be easily integrated into their daily routines, empowering them to manage tasks, appointments, and information more effectively.

  7. Measure Progress and Satisfaction: Implement pre- and post-course assessments to measure participants’ memory performance and satisfaction levels, allowing for continuous evaluation and refinement of the “Half-Day Memory Boost” curriculum.

  8. Empowerment Through Lifelong Learning: Promote a culture of lifelong learning and personal growth among senior citizens in Sweden, emphasizing the potential for ongoing cognitive development and adaptation, even in later stages of life, through participation in memory training courses like the “Half-Day Memory Boost.”

As we conclude the “Half-Day Memory Boost” course, we reflect on the remarkable progress and transformative experiences shared by our senior citizen participants. Throughout our sessions, we witnessed not only improvements in memory retention and cognitive flexibility but also the formation of meaningful connections and a renewed sense of confidence in managing memory challenges. By equipping our participants with practical memory tools and fostering a culture of lifelong learning, we have empowered them to embrace their cognitive potential and continue their journey towards enhanced memory and overall wellbeing beyond the confines of our program. As we bid farewell, we remain committed to supporting our senior citizens on their path to thriving in their golden years, one memory boost at a time.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: $215.15
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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