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Welcome to the “Two-Day Memory Renewal” course, a transformative program designed to revitalize and strengthen the memory capacities of senior citizens in Norway. Over the course of two full days, participants will embark on a comprehensive journey to explore a diverse array of memory enhancement techniques and strategies tailored to their individual needs and goals. With a focus on engaging activities, interactive exercises, and personalized instruction, this course aims to empower seniors to reclaim and renew their cognitive vitality, fostering improved memory retention, sharper focus, and enhanced cognitive function. Through collaborative learning and practical application, participants will gain valuable insights and skills to support their ongoing journey towards memory renewal and cognitive well-being.


  1. Comprehensive Memory Assessment: Conduct individualized memory assessments to identify participants’ current memory strengths and areas for improvement at the beginning of the “Two-Day Memory Renewal” course.
  2. Memory Enhancement Techniques: Introduce a wide range of memory enhancement techniques tailored to address participants’ specific memory challenges and goals, promoting improved memory retention and recall.
  3. Cognitive Exercise Variety: Offer a diverse array of cognitive exercises and activities throughout the two-day course, engaging participants in different types of mental challenges to stimulate brain function and promote cognitive renewal.
  4. Attention and Focus Improvement: Provide strategies and exercises aimed at enhancing seniors’ attention and focus, helping them stay engaged and alert during memory training activities and in everyday life.
  5. Memory Training Games: Incorporate memory training games and activities into the course to make learning enjoyable and interactive, fostering motivation and participation among participants.
  6. Stress Reduction Techniques: Teach stress reduction techniques and relaxation exercises to help seniors manage stress and anxiety, creating a conducive environment for optimal memory performance and learning.
  7. Memory Maintenance Strategies: Guide participants in developing personalized memory maintenance strategies to sustain memory improvements over time, empowering them to continue benefiting from memory renewal beyond the course.
  8. Digital Memory Tools Exploration: Explore digital memory tools and applications that can support seniors in organizing information, managing tasks, and improving memory function in today’s digital age.
  9. Mnemonic Devices Mastery: Familiarize seniors with mnemonic devices and memory aids, equipping them with effective tools to memorize and recall information more efficiently in various contexts.
  10. Lifestyle Factors Education: Educate participants on lifestyle factors that impact memory and cognitive health, including nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and social engagement, empowering them to make informed choices for overall well-being.
  11. Personalized Memory Plans: Assist seniors in developing personalized memory improvement plans tailored to their individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle factors, ensuring that strategies are relevant and practical for each participant.
  12. Social Interaction Promotion: Foster social interaction and collaboration among participants to create a supportive and enriching learning environment, where seniors can learn from each other’s experiences and share memory tips and strategies.
  13. Continuous Learning Promotion: Encourage seniors to continue engaging in memory training and cognitive activities beyond the course, promoting a lifelong commitment to cognitive health and ongoing memory renewal.
  14. Peer Support Network Building: Facilitate the formation of peer support networks among participants, enabling them to stay connected and motivated in their memory improvement journey beyond the course.
  15. Goal Setting and Monitoring: Help seniors set realistic memory improvement goals and establish mechanisms for monitoring progress, empowering them to track their success and stay motivated in achieving their memory renewal objectives.
  16. Evaluation and Feedback: Conduct regular assessments and provide personalized feedback to participants throughout the course to track their progress and development in memory renewal, ensuring that learning outcomes are achieved and individual needs are addressed effectively.

As the “Two-Day Memory Renewal” course draws to a close, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants for their dedication and commitment to memory renewal. Throughout the two-day program, seniors have delved deep into memory enhancement techniques, engaged in stimulating cognitive exercises, and fostered connections with peers in a supportive learning environment. As they depart from this course, we encourage each participant to continue practicing the memory strategies and techniques learned, integrating them into their daily lives to sustain and further enhance their cognitive vitality. Remember, the journey towards memory renewal is ongoing, and with perseverance and dedication, seniors can continue to enjoy a life filled with mental clarity, sharp memory, and vibrant cognitive health.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates,  9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: $660.33
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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